The Tablet Cover or Simple Storage Case


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The cover completed 14.99€

The Boxe 9.99€

(Shipping depend your location)

I have a tablet, that I take now everywhere with me to work, but it’s black cover is certainly practical but not very pretty.

A new tour in my falls of fabrics and used clothing stock … and to be well protected. I have chosen an old cover in fleece of a pretty orange that I chose to marry with a thick woolen cloth in blue and orange plaid.

And here’s the result:

As I move more and more, for my « sewing »accessories and my samples, I wanted to create on this same model several versions of Kits that I’ll be able to attune to my bags

And here, you have a pochette as your like, practical and easy to make. You just have to choose what you will store.

Depending on your wishes,  you can order this model in the fabric of your choice. (You will find on the site all the fabrics available to choose according to the models) or choose to order boxing with everything you need to create it yourself. (technical card, pieces of pre-cut fabrics, elastic, buttons, zippers, ribbons etc….. according to the models)