Mode by Maryline Creation of clothing, accessories, household linens made only with recycled clothing or fall of fabric scrap


Allying both the preservation of the environment and creating his own fashion, his own decoration oneself.
Because, yes.. we can created its fashion and décoration oneself, while recycling.
Why should be buy new fabric while we have all, quantities of fabrics with old clothes or houseold linen.

By chosing to provide me with this solution, I choose to participate at the environmental protection by recycling and further, I make sure of printed matter and fabrics much larger and most original than any store.

And, contrary to what many people think, To reuse the fabrics of old clothes is not dirty, this garment already carried was washed certainly several times, It’s just enough to rewash it before using it for creations. However, let us ask we questions on the rollers of news fabrics still impregnated with toxics products, dyes and chemical traitments wich they have undergone. Not couting the way they were stored and transported ?… (deracking products, products against moths ect.…)

It’s also probably easier today to provide itself second-hand. Look in your cupboards, at the friends, the family and do not linger on the garment but on the fabrics. Use the sites of sales of opportunities which abound in second-hand clothes at very accessibles prices, Do not hesitate to run the flea markets and the associations especially as you will make a generous gesture by participating in their sales.

Then, let run your imagination, look at tutos, blogs, internet is a gold mine for the beginners as for “Pros”

I propose you here some free tutos, boxes to create and customize your products yourselves (with fabrics, ribbons, buttons etc… of your choice. In fonction stock available) Or some creations which you can soon, command to with fabrics of your choice

Good visit, see you soon