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The Scottish bag

The bag  29.90€ The box 14.99€ Saturday I participate as a volunteer seamstress at the Café Repair in my city. To take my equipment, I want to make me a little bag. A small pink, blue and green plaid fabric which tempts me since long time. A blue cotton with some...

The cover for tablet or small kit

The Tablet Cover or Simple Storage Case The cover completed 14.99€ The Box 9.99€ (Shipping costs included)   I have a tablet that, now I take everywhere with me to work. make pictures etc…. but its black cover is certainly practical but not very pretty. So this is an...

The summer Top to decline in all tones

The top 25.99€ The Box 14.99€ (Shipping costs included) I have a small fall of the fabric of the lining of my bag, I still have a little moment, I want to make a little top with simple... With a jeans, a small jacket, my bag summer bag and here I am ready 🙂 Easy and...

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Welcome to my site!

Passionate about creative hobbies and DIY, according to the moments, the desires…. I sew, I knit, I embroider,I paint, I prepare my cosmetics treatments and cleaning products. And more and more….In the mind responsible consumption, I recycle clothes, furnitures etc… Sewing diploma in pocket, I had reoriented to an administrative’s job. Hired in a important financial company, I stayed in this job, the children arrived, the life had passed, “subway, job….childrens, house…” (and yes, likemany parents three lives in one…:) ) The children grew up, forty arrived, The big questions with…..What I really want?Where I am going?…. Skills assessment, Validation of acquired experiences, Resumption of studies….And the opportunity had arrived….. Layoffs plan in the company, find a new administrative’s job? Choose security, facility? O try to exercise amore exciting job?… The most and least measured, I chose to jump in, If I have to try to share my passions and make it my job, It’s now…. Place for créations…. 🙂